Interview #4: University of Colorado (MD)

by Lorien E. Menhennett

Since early October of 2013, I have had six medical school interviews. I will write a post about each one. Note: a version of this content was originally posted on

Interview #4:  University of Colorado (1/17/2014)
Status: Accepted

Colorado is like a second home to me. I was actually born there (in rural Colorado, near Pueblo). My dad’s whole family lives there. As a kid, we visited my relatives about once a year. I also have family ties to the University of Colorado (CU) – my dad went to medical school there, and my mom got her MSN there. One of my current PIs at Northwestern also went to CU for her MD/PhD.

But there is hearing about a school, and then there is actually seeing the school yourself. CU, which is now in Aurora at the Anschutz Medical Campus (just outside of Denver) on a nearly brand new campus, is a gorgeous school. The anatomy lab even has windows, which I’ve been told is a huge plus. There are multiple hospitals on the campus, and because CU is the only major medical center in the area, I was told a lot of interesting cases are brought (often flown) in. As a future physician-scientist, I also like that the school places a high value on research, offering a specific “track” in research (as well as other subjects).

I stayed the night before my interview with a student, who was a great host. For those of you on the pre-med journey, I very much recommend doing this if you can. She told me things about the school and the area I never would have heard otherwise.

As for the interview day itself, it was very relaxed. I had two 30-minute sessions, one with a retired MD, one with a JD. The JD asked me several thought-provoking ethical/hypothetical questions, but not onerous ones. I felt confident in my answers, and that I displayed a mature, well-thought-out response as opposed to a surface one. The MD interview was more laid back. He told me about his career (which spanned pediatrics and aerospace medicine … wow, just wow), and I told him about mine, past, present, and future. The associate dean of students also talked in between interview sessions. Turns out that he works part time as a family medicine physician in the same rural town where I was born, and where my dad worked in FP … such a strange coincidence. A clinical researcher (a non-trad, a former engineer) talked about some amazing work she is doing in obesity. There was also, of course, the obligatory financial aid presentation (those are always fun).

I really enjoyed my interview day, and the school in general.

I wound up staying with my cousin, who lives a few minutes from the medical school campus over the long Martin Luther King holiday weekend. I even got to go up to Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday. Good times all around.

And a little more than three weeks later, my second acceptance!

Choices, choices, choices …