About Me

Hi, I’m Lorien Menhennett. Welcome to Doc with Pen. This site exists for me to chronicle my journey from pre-med to medical school and beyond. January of of 2018 marks the midpoint of my third year at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. At age 36, with an initial degree in journalism (2003) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, even on paper I’m not your typical medical student. My personal experiences set me apart too — married, then divorced; homeowner, then foreclosed upon; with jobs ranging from copy editing to cutting open mice. That said, my classmates and I share many of the same joys, fears, and frustrations.

My life when I wrote my first blog post in 2010 was very different than it is now. Part of my philosophy though, is that nothing is wasted. That goes for abandoned careers as well as unexpected life events. Everything in the last year, five years, 10 years … it’s all contributed to who I am now: a medical student finally fulfilling her dream, and happily sharing the nitty gritty of it all with anyone who will read the tale.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the ride.