‘No one gets a diploma alone’

by Lorien E. Menhennett

Almost every day, I pass by this bus stop billboard, which is across the street from Weill Cornell Medical College.

The message — “no one gets a diploma alone” — is so true. It’s true whether you’re talking about a GED, B.S., or M.D. So every time I see this advertisement, I think of all of you.

And when I say “you,” I’m talking about a lot of people.

My family and close friends play enormously supportive roles. I wouldn’t be here without them. I can’t thank them enough. My classmates, too, play a key part.

But “you” is even broader than my family, friends, and classmates. One of the most difficult things about medical school is the pervasive feeling of isolation. So knowing that there are people across the globe reading my story — many of whom I’ve never met, and am unlikely to ever meet — that helps too.

To each one of you, for your unique contribution: thank you, from the bottom of my heart.