A British Take On the TV Doc

by Lorien E. Menhennett

Flip (or scroll) through your local television listings and you’ll find all kinds of medical shows, both fiction and non-fiction. There’s House, Gray’s Anatomy, ER, Nip Tuck, and so many more. And those are just the dramas. (I will admit, I used to watch old-school ER, back in my high school days.)

These days, though, I’m pretty picky about my television. I simply don’t have time to watch much, for one. And when it comes to medical shows, I am not a big fan of the sappy, soap-opera-y ones either.

doc martin

Enter Doc Martin, a British medical drama a dear friend just introduced me to on New Year’s Eve. Doc Martin is a whip-smart, funny, and well-written show that takes place in the gorgeous region of Cornwall, England. The sheer cliffs, rolling green hills, and friendly fisherman are enough to make me want to go there. But there’s more to this show than the scenery. Here’s a bit about the show’s premise: Doc Martin was a prominent London surgeon who suddenly developed a phobia of blood (obviously, a serious problem for a surgeon). So he moved to a small Cornwall village to take over a general practitioner’s office. What you need to know about Doc Martin, and what makes this show so hilarious, is that he is absolutely socially inept. Which may be OK for a surgeon who spends most of his time with his patients under anesthesia, but is not so OK for a GP who spends most of his time with patients who are breathing (and talking) quite normally. There is, as well, a cast of colorful supporting characters (including a love interest of Doc Martin’s!) who round out the show.

I highly recommend checking it out. The first four seasons are available both on Netflix instant view and Amazon Prime video on demand. If you do watch an episode, let me know what you think!

Oh, and for a preview of what Cornwall looks like, here are two tantalizing photos …