by Lorien E. Menhennett

So I made it. I finished the semester. I wasn’t quite sure there for a while how that would happen, but it did (and it always does, doesn’t it?). 

And now I’m on vacation! I mean, really on vacation – I actually took a trip somewhere. My sister Sarah and a dear fellow non-traditional pre-med friend live in Nashville, Tenn., so I decided to head down South to see them for a week or so. I headed out straight after my organic chemistry final, which, considering I’d been up since 2 a.m. studying, made the 8-or-so-hour drive a bit long. But I survived, and here I am, sitting in my favorite oversized chair at my friend’s house, drinking coffee, and absolutely not thinking about homework. Of course, my plan is to begin MCAT prep over break (as you can see on my “ticker,” I take the exam in about 4 months). But I think I need to let my brain rest and recover for at least 24 hours.