These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Science-y Artsy) Things

by Lorien E. Menhennett

As an artistic person, I love looking at other people’s work. is one of my favorite sites – there are literally thousands of other artists and crafters on there, selling their wares. A couple of days ago, I decided to see whether there were any science nerds creating arts and crafts. And by jove, there are. Here is a collection of hand-picked favorites (in no particular order). I have included a link to each one in case you are inclined to visit the person’s store and purchase something, which I wholeheartedly recommend!

AUG start codon “new beginnings” necklace ($100)

Those of you who know me well know how much I love proteins. And every protein starts with the amino acid sequence “AUG” – the so-called “start codon.” So how could I not love molecularmuse’s necklace?

Liver In A Jar Anatomical Curio ($19)

If you’re starting gross anatomy – or know someone who is – what could be better than a felted liver in a glass jar? Shop owner yourorgangrinder also makes a brain, uterus, kidneys, heart, pituitary gland, lungs, and much more. So if you’ve got a favorite, she (or he?) is sure to have it. Happy dissecting!

Soap – Red Escherichia coli in a Petri Dish – Natural Honey Scent ($7)

Last semester in my research seminar class, we did a series of antibiotic resistance experiments. Good times, let me tell you. And let me also tell you that CleanerScience’s bacterial colonies look real, in terms of the streaking pattern. (Our colonies were off white, not red, but I’ll allow for artistic license in terms of color choice in the soap.) Super cool. And pretty ironic, to be using a bacterial plate as soap. I love it. What a scientific sense of humor.

Plush Mossy Chiton ($16)

Chitons are present-day creatures that look totally historic. We learned about them in Bio II, and looked at a preserved specimen in lab. This guy – made by LaBaleine – is pretty cute, if you ask me. And what a piece of history! All done in felt. Awww …

Neuron Necklace ($19)

I was trying to go for diversity in my listings, but I had to include two necklaces. This neuron necklace by Anatomology is so cool, and a great price. Just check out that axon and those dendrites. Just don’t wear it to your neuro exam … the professor might think you’re cheating.

Baby’s First Microbiology Book ($41)

When you first see the price of this book, you might think to yourself, “Well, I should just buy Baby a real micro textbook, for that price!” But don’t be fooled. This cushy, yet crunchy book has several felted pages of actual microbiology-related concepts. Hooray for science! Next time a friend – maybe even a stranger – has a baby, I’m totally buying them one of these. It’s that awesome. VerdantViolet also makes baby “textbooks” on nuclear physics, neuroscience, and other such topics.

Periodic Table of the Elements Women’s Sneakers ($83)

The last thing I need is another pair of shoes. I’ve got dozens, literally. But these nifty printed Keds, by juicygems, are rad. In the Radon sense. (If you didn’t get that chemistry pun, Google search an image of the periodic table and scan it until you find the symbol “Rn.”) I’m drooling over them. In the frothy H2O sense.

the Punnett square dominates ($1.50)

What can you buy for a buck-fifty these days? Not much. But beanforest sells these nifty buttons that allow you to show your support for the Mendelian genetic ratio at a great price. Turn it into a frig magnet for just fifty cents more. Cool beans.

Chemistry Crayon CLEAR labels – set of 120 ($15)

Here’s another way to expose the kiddies to science. Specifically, chemistry. They’re going to color, right? With QueInteresante’s stick-on crayon labels, they’ll inadvertantly be exposed to chemical compound names and formulas too. He-he-he. So tricksy.

Amoeba and Paramecium Felt Magnet Pair ($16)

These guys are fast swimmers when you view them under the microscope! I have quite fond memories of watching them squiggle, squirm, and pseudopod their way through their environments. These frig magnets by whatnomints are a fun, abstract reminder of those times.

Knitting in Biology 101 dark cork background ($95)

If I’d had the money, I totally would have bought aKNITomy’s frog dissection piece for my biology lab instructor from last year. I think she would have gotten a huge kick out of it. It looks so real! Even has those flat-head stick pins.

Pipette Tip Earrings with Red and Yellow Flowers ($10.50)

As my lab supervisor, Olga’s, PCR expert, I spend a good part of my day pipetting. So when I found these pipette tip earrings, I did a double-take. I gasped. Then I laughed. This is such a creative, fun gift idea for the lab worker. Heck, for anyone who likes research science. I’m going to buy a pair. Unless someone buys me a pair first. *Hint hint!*