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Central Park self-portraits

When I was in college, one of my favorite (and most time-intensive) classes was photography. This was before the ubiquity of digital cameras — we shot with 35 mm, 400 ISO film, all black and white, manually developed and printed in buckets of smelly liquids under red safety lights. My final project was to tell a “story” in a series of still photographs. I decided to share my daily jogging route. I started and ended with a picture of my running shoes to give context. In between were images of the route itself, the trees, bushes, houses, fences, and streets. I took each photo while slowly panning a scene, blurring the images slightly to give the impression of movement. For my presentation, I mounted each image on rectangles of black art board, with little cutouts along the top and bottom to look like segments of a film strip.

I don’t jog anymore; I prefer an exercise bike, an elliptical machine, or simply a long walk. The photos I present here (digital, obviously — how times have changed!) tell the story of my recent walk to, through, and from Central Park. I am eternally grateful to those who had the foresight to guard this giant swath of land as a nature preserve, and I visit it often. The park changes throughout the seasons. Here is what it looks like on a sunny, spring day.

The park has many boulders suitable for scrambling or simply sitting.


In April, there are patches of daffodils all over the park.


Blooming magnolias remind me of my childhood home in Forest Park, Illinois.


Central Park even has a castle — this is me against its wall.


From above, there’s a lovely view of one of the park’s ponds, a giant lawn, and the city skyline in the background.


The park paths meander, with many overpasses and underpasses. Here is one of them.


Commemorative statues dot the park, including this one of Balto, the sled dog famous for helping transport diphtheria treatment to combat an epidemic in Nome, Alaska in 1925.


My walk home was lovely too. This is me in front of the tulip-laden Park Avenue median.

Sunny Sunday in Central Park

On this sunny, Sunday afternoon I headed to Central Park to get some natural vitamin D exposure. (And to revel in the fall foliage.) It was a lovely escape from the concrete streets and skyscrapers. Here are some photos from my excursion.

Note: Click to see larger images.

Exploring NYC: Central Park

The 843-acre Central Park is nestled among New York City skyscrapers, which peek out above the trees. Inside the park though, you almost forget you’re in a city at all.

It was gorgeous yesterday—sunny but not too hot or humid; just right for exploring my new surroundings on foot. The famed Central Park is less than a mile from my dorm, so that was my first destination. According to Wikipedia and the travel blog EF Explore America (and we know everything on the Internet is accurate, right?), this 843-acre park boasts:

  • 29 sculptures
  • 7 bodies of water
  • 25,000 trees
  • 235 species of birds
  • 136 acres of woodlands
  • 250 acres of lawns
  • 58 miles of walkways

Walking in Central Park …

Whether these numbers are completely accurate, the takeaway is this: Central Park is a big place, with lots of cool stuff to see and do. For example, I’m hoping to take in one of the free movies in the park before the close of summer—the perfect activity for a broke medical student.

And the truth is, facts can’t capture Central Park. As I walked along the paths, I was awed by the park’s enormity. In the midst of the largest city in the United States, people have a place where they can share a picnic lunch under the shade of a century-old tree, bird-watch, read a favorite book on a sunny bench, and play frisbee. When I need a break from the hustle and bustle, this will be a great place to unwind.

One of the mini lakes in Central Park, where people were sailing small boats on the Saturday afternoon I visited.