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Where biochemists go to pray.

Note: I know this is not the ACTUAL Sistine Chapel. I took a bit of artistic license with the joke. 


In all this mad MCAT studying, I have come up with some absolutely terrible jokes (some of which I have shared here). Apparently, I have rubbed off on one of my dear friends, who is studying for the chemistry GRE right now. She told me this one today, and I couldn’t help but share it.

Hee-haw, hee-haw …

A mol of donkeys. That’s a lotta donkeys.

Carbons, dragons, and alkanes, oh my!

In the little free time I have lately, some of my “therapy” has been playing with my photo editing app on my iPad, and just having a little artistic fun. OK, maybe not so artistic, but definitely fun. I found this roadside sign image and just had to make an MCAT “collage” from it with my […]

This is what happens when you study organic chemistry for too long. You think of (and create) things like THIS:

Dragon: Meet my hydrocabon!



Another absolutely terrible science joke, courtesy of yours truly …

Yes, I took another MCAT break. And yes, I made another terrible physics joke. This time, incorporating one of my favorite shows of all time, Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I watched religiously as a kid. I fully believe Gene Roddenberry would approve.


In the midst of studying for the MCAT, I need breaks. I also need to laugh. To accomplish both of these tasks simultaneously, I have had some photo editing fun the last couple of days. Here are my brilliant pieces of art … I hope they bring a smile to your face, or at least make you groan.

The angry dinosaur in this image is a velociraptor. If you remember from
the movie Jurassic Park, these guys are cunning, smart, and nasty.
Yep. That’s me. At least when it comes to attacking the MCAT!

Recently I have been working on MCAT physics - fluids in particular. I found myself scribbling these lyrics in the margin of my scrap paper as I was working with Bernoulli's equation ...

Recently I have been working on MCAT physics – fluids in particular.
I found myself scribbling these lyrics in the margin of my scrap paper
as I was working with Bernoulli’s equation …

Anatomically Correct HEELS?!

Google search terms:
“inferior vena cava.”

One result:
See these photos of high-heeled shoes.

heels 1


heels 2

Flickr caption:
“Can you spot the inferior vena cava?”

My reaction:
“Can I wear these when I take the MCAT?”

Elemental, My Dear Watson

As I was studying for the MCAT yesterday (General Chemistry), doing the Examkrackers practice problems, I kept having to refer back to the periodic table at the beginning of the book. Now, I know quite a bit of the periodic table information – the molar masses of oxygen (~16), carbon (~12), and nitrogen (~14), for example. But if a problem comes up about nickel, I’m gonna be in a pickle.

Thankfully, I discovered today, we DO get a periodic table on the MCAT, which includes atomic numbers and atomic weights (whew!). Otherwise, I thought I was going to have to memorize this song …

IFLS Helps Make Facebook Worth the Trouble

IFLS: The Facts

Founder: Elise Andrew (employed by LabX Media Group, which owns LabWrench and publishes Lab Manager Magazine and The Scientist)

Description: A community built for the posting and sharing of scientific updates, quotes, cartoons, jokes and photographs. We’re dedicated to bringing the amazing world of science straight to your newsfeed in an amusing and accessible way. Tell us what makes you say “wow!”

Facebook Page “Likes”: 1.6 million

Alternate site: If our name bothers you, please see our mirror page here:

Source: IFLS FB page

Like many people, I have mixed feelings about Facebook. There are definitely pros and cons associated with this social networking site.

But, like hundreds of millions of other people in the world, I have decided it’s worth the trouble. I love keeping up with old friends, yes, espeically the ones who live far away and now have little kiddos I never get to see. But also in great part because of one single FB page: I f***ing Love Science, aka “IFLS.” (Note: There most definitely is an expletive in that title, which I have asterisked out. Not that doing so hides it very well … )

With so many FB pages out there, so many people posting photos and status updates, why do I care about this particular one? Because it appeals to the scientist in me. In so many ways.

IFLS posts are sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes informational, sometimes ridiculous (or a mix thereof).

I don’t pay heed to every single post from IFLS – there are quite a few every day – but I make sure to at least glance through them when I’m taking a study break and in need of a hearty laugh or some inspiration.

In this blog post, I present a few recent photos posted by IFLS. Happy viewing …